Sensual Massage for Women

Simple, safe, respectful and affordable

Sensual Massage

We have been providing massage services in North Swindon for 2 years; for a full description of all our services visit

This website is focused purely on sensual services for women on a 2 hand massage.

We offer a simple, safe and deeply relaxing massage to suit your requirements and boundaries.

You may book via the Contact page, or text to 07789 304410

Simple Offering

Our offering is simple and priced in line with my non-sensual services at 

The massage can last from 60 minutes to 2 hours and is mainly a therapeutic Swedish/deep tissue combination for at least the first 30 minutes of the session. 

You start face down on the massage couch, oil is applied and you receive a full back, neck, shoulder and lower back massage to ease tight, or shortened muscles. The glutes are then massaged along with the thighs, then lower legs and feet. 

A slower and more thorough massage to the lower legs follows with gentle sweeps up to and between the thighs.  More oil is applied, and then a very slow, gentle massage of the pubis, vulva, labia, clitoris, g-spot and perineum until you climax.  

Once in the face up position, you will receive a full massage to your arms, breasts and stomach, a slow massage to your lower legs and feet, before a very slow massage of your thighs, leading to further slow massage of your vulva and breasts until you climax.

As well as manual massage, we also have powerful wand type vibrators and wedge cushions for extra comfort.  The massage couch is heated in cooler months.

Relax and enjoy the experience knowing that reciprocation is never required.


We are based in a large house in one of the newer estates in North Swindon.  It is an anonymous and safe location easy accessible from the M4.

We have around 75 regular and semi regular clients coming to the house for massage so you will not stand out when you approach the house.

We as therapists are clothed and our focus is on you relaxing and enjoying your massage.

We are non judgmental and understanding of all religious groups and sexual preferences.  We have a balanced and broad minded view of arousal and climax.

Around 75% of our business is repeat custom; we look after our clients and treat them well.

We are very proud of our reviews

If you are nervous or anxious in any way, you are welcome to take someone with you to be in the room or elsewhere in the house while you have your massage.


Having a sensual massage means being nude and in a more vulnerable state, so it is important that your therapist is focused entirely on you and your needs.  They must respect your concerns and any boundaries you have and not proceed with the massage until they are fully addressed.


Our services are priced according to our general pricing for all our massage types.  We do not increase the pricing for sensual services.